NSW Family Energy Rebate

Application Submission Deadline: 11pm Sunday 16 June 2024.

This form is for use by NSW family households who receive electricity bills from an electricity retailer. If you are a long term resident of an on-supplied residential community, or a resident of either an on-supplied retirement village or an on-supplied strata scheme, or you do not have an email address, or, your electricity retailer is not listed below, please complete the relevant paper application form:

On-supply customer application form

To qualify for this rebate the APPLICANT must meet all the eligibility criteria including having received the Services Australia payment called Family Tax Benefits (FTB) for the 2022-23 financial year AND be the electricity account holder.

Applicant Details


Electricity Retailer Details

NOTE: The rebate applicant must be the electricity account holder and the Family Tax Benefit recipient.

Electricity retailer not listed here?

Declaration/Authorisation, Eligibility Criteria & Privacy Policy

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